12 January 2018
Web Design, SEO
Ceramic Pro Sydney
SEO Client Rankings


A global brand such as Ceramic Pro requires careful planning to ensure their automotive website design fits within the requirements of the brand, the Sydney workshop for Ceramic Pro engaged Media Fuel with a clear vision of what they wanted, a clean and professional website to represent their products and explain in a simple but detailed way to visitors what their products and services can do for their new car.

Ceramic Pro Sydney operate in a very niche but competitive market, our automotive SEO strategy has put them at the forefront of the industry, and year after year increased and maintained high rankings across a wide range of keywords to drive the right traffic to their website.

“In a competitive market the team at Media Fuel have increased our rankings month after month putting as at the forefront and infront of the right audience, and most importantly increasing our revenue!”
– Emily, Ceramic Pro Sydney