Web Design

Just How Important Is Website Design?

As the number of people connected online increases, companies need to have a solid website. While flyers and banners still do a decent job, creating a presence online has never been this crucial in our age. But even as hundreds of new websites pop up every day, we still need to understand how consumers interact online. 

Remember back in 2015 when we had a shrunken version of a desktop site on your phone, and you had to zoom in on every section? It was probably not an interesting experience. But because Google changed search algorithms, website owners had to enhance the mobile experience to be ranked. 

This is just one aspect of web design crucial to building your brand online. We’ll discuss why website design is vital and give a few perks to having an appealing website. Also, if you need expert help creating your ideal website, contact Media Fuel today. 

Why Do You Need A Custom & Responsive Website?

You may wonder why you all of a sudden need to redesign your website or create a custom design. It all boils down to your target audience and the business itself. Here are a few reasons your website needs to “look pretty. “

First Impressions Matter

People can’t help judging from their first impressions, and you want to leverage this opportunity by making a positive impact on your homepage. If your website looks outdated, it will immediately impact negative beliefs about your brand. Website design helps create an impact on your audience by adding high-quality images, matching your brand theme, and using the right words. 

Boosts Your Search Engine Optimisation

Most web design elements dictate how you publish your website and how the content will rank on search engines. For instance, mobile responsiveness is fundamental to any website now, and if users can’t have an optimal experience while using other devices, you risk losing visibility. However, ensuring everything is SEO friendly is complex, so a professional web agency is your best bet. 

Creates Trust With Audience

Poorly designed websites are often misjudged as dodgy companies, and if they see your site has outdated information, they won’t trust your site. It is only human to have such an impression. Take an example of a wholesaler looking to buy goods in bulk overseas. Looking at the amount of money they’re willing to spend, any form of doubt will scare them to another website. 

A professional site spurs trust in your audience as they will feel comfortable browsing and perhaps remain on your site longer. 

Everyone Is Already Doing It

Well, if you need a convincing reason why web design is important, then here’s your answer: Your competitors are already using web design services. If you want to stay ahead of the game, you need to stay ahead of your competitors. A responsive website with mobile optimisation and other bleeding tech will make your business online stand out from the rest. It gives you a unique opportunity to prove to your audience why they should choose your brand. 

You Need Professional Web Design Services

Your website is the most powerful platform to reach your target audience, and your web design makes it possible. However, to create your own professional website with a custom domain, you’ll need a reliable custom website design company. 

Though websites are not all about design, it is an important tool to create a lasting impression on customers and convert leads. The visuals alone (not words) can determine whether a customer will buy your product or not. 

At Media Fuel, we offer completely custom web design and development services for your online store, eCommerce website, or new website. We’re here to help and make your dreams come alive. Our staff builds and designs websites that fit your brand’s voice, products, and services. We do everything from scratch and provide consultancy services for free during the design period. 

Ideally, a responsive website design should have the following elements to make it in Google’s strict algorithms and generate leads. 


Having an inconsistent browsing experience on different platforms will almost always frustrate visitors. A great web design should have easy navigation, and your contact information should be easily accessible. 


Whitespaces on your website, especially content-rich sites and blogs, are ideal for keeping readers focused. It should have ample padding, line breaks, and margins worked out to be the same, even on smaller screens. 


A great website should be compatible with all devices, from mobile phones to tablets and TV screens. Recent studies show that more than 50% of internet users actively search for products on their mobile phones. Compatibility must be vetted across all platforms during the design process. 

Optimised images

Despite boosts in internet speeds worldwide, mobile phone users still have access to low broadband speeds. A responsive website loads images faster without compromising the quality. Simply converting website images from JPEG to PNG reduces the file size, hence faster loading speeds. 

Build Your Professional Website Today

Your website says a lot about your brand, and it is crucial to make a great first impression. A simple impression can land you a customer for a lifetime. But if you make a poor impression, competitors will be swarming in for your clients. Therefore, your design and development should not be dictated under just any website design company’s hands. 

Of course, you’ll be tempted to build your own website using a free website builder, but how well will that stand up against competitors? Most website builders won’t give you the right features to set up eCommerce websites/ online stores or other heavy sites. And that’s where a professional web development and design company comes in!

At Media Fuel, our web developers take concepts to fruition, and we’ve learned all the ins and outs of a proper website design. In addition, our in-house team knows how to tailor everything to your needs as we aim to make SEO optimised, UI/UX focused designs with lightning loading speeds. 

The professional designers at Media Fuel are gurus in creating user-friendly websites with features that’ll leave lasting impressions. So, if you ever need to bring your dream website alive and tap into the millions of online customers, contact us today! Our designers will be glad to take you through our unique web design process and expanding your website through SEO, our service covers all areas of Australia from SEO Central Coast right through to SEO on the Sunshine Coast, where you are located we can help!